Car Detailing Services in Leeds

So first of all what actually is detailing??

Quite simply Automotive detailing is a process which involves the thorough cleaning, polishing and protection of a vehicle both inside and out.

Way Better than a showroom:

We aim to provide a service which will leave your car not only looking better than a new car but better protected than when a new car leaves the showroom.

Attention to the details:

We are clinical and precise in our approach, no job is ever rushed.

No obligation free consultation:

We want to get to know you and your car before we start the detail and also discuss the best options for your particular vehicle and paintwork.

Our services are aimed at people who quite simply want their car to look better than the rest!! We work on a huge varity of vehicles from classic escort cosworths to rolls Royce phantoms so every single job is totally different. This is why we offer every customer a free consultation so we can get to know them and their car a little bit better.

We keep it simple for our customers, Please see our services below:

1 – 4 stage machine polishing & wet sanding

  • From brand new cars to old classics, nearly every single car will benefit from a machine polish. We only use rupes dual action machine polishers on our customers cars and the best compounds on the market.
  • We aim to remove at least 80% of all scratches and swirl marks 100% of the time.
  • We can make your paintwork look like glass!!
  • New car prep & protect.

Most of our customers are extremely surprised at how bad their paint actually is from the factory. Vehicle manufacturers simply don’t have the time or knowledge to make your paintwork look its best. that’s where the guru comes in 80% off the time new cars can be significantly enhanced with a single stage machine polish, once the paintwork looks amazing it then needs protecting and thats where our advanced ceramic coatings and paint protection film come into play. Don’t worry We will discuss all the best options regarding protection with you during the consultation.

For a quote on your vehicle simply come down and visit our workshop and have a chat with us so we can see your car in person, or if that’s not convenient for you just WhatsApp us.

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